Evangelical Church—what is that anyway?

Don’t worry, you are not the only one with this question. For many people in Austria, an “evangelical free church” is a foreign concept. In many other countries of the world though, it is very common. But what is a “Free Church”? What do you believe and where does the word “Mennonite” come from? The answers to these questions you can find here.

Who we are

We are a group of Christians, who believe in Jesus Christ with our whole heart and want to follow Him. We meet regularly for church services or in smaller groups to read the Bible, pray, play sports, have breakfast, hang out and laugh together. Charitable engagement also plays a big role for us. We want to collectively be a light for Linz and the surrounding area.


The Mennonite Free Church in Austria is an evangelical free church. Values that are especially important to us are: peace, hospitality and the believers baptism (we don’t baptize infants, but rather only people who make the decision for themselves to be baptized).

Our History

Historically the Mennonite Free Church originated similarly to the Protestant church through a reformation of the Catholic church in the 16th century. Next to the well-known Martin Luther, other reformers also played important roles such as Calvin, Zwingli and Menno Simons—through which the name “Mennonite” came.

In Linz since 1953

Around 500 years ago, in Linz there was a “free church“ fellowship who called themselves “Anabaptists“. Unfortunately, this church came to a tragic end when 75 members were executed at the main square in Linz because of their beliefs. Not until after World War II were new groups of “free churches” established. With the help of missionaries, in 1953 the Mennonite Free Church in Linz was founded, and in 1958 they celebrated the dedication of their own church building.

Our Legal Status

The Mennonite Free Church of Austria is a part of the “Free Churches in Austria (FKÖ), a church officially recognized by the state. It has the legal status of a public corporation (in German “Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts”).

Video: How our church came into being

History is important. Through our history we develop new roots. Over 60 years ago here in Linz in the district “Neue Heimat” (New Homeland), our new church the Mennonite Free Church Linz was established, becoming a “new homeland” for many refugees. We have asked those who personally witnessed the founding of our church about their valuable memories. Let yourself be carried off on an exciting journey into the past.

You have more Questions?

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