Christian Small Groups/Bible Studies

In smaller groups, you can become acquainted with one another better and can collectively pursue shared interests and hobbies. Guests are very welcome to join us after signing up! If you are interested please contact us.

Most of the visitors during our church services are part of a small group that meets regularly together. In a small group setting you have the opportunity to develop new friendships, and to ask your personal questions about the Bible and faith. Usually there is a time of prayer, singing and reading the Bible together. Of course food and snacks are part of the time too!

Our small groups (updated spring 2018):

  • Meeting in Linz & surrounding area every 2nd Friday evening
  • Astner small group once a month on Friday at 7:30pm
  • Meeting outside of Linz, every 3rd week
  • Meeting south of Linz, every 3rd week on Friday

If you would like to come by, then please write us an e-mail!

Together in a relaxed atmosphere we thank God and pray for personal and collective requests. For example, we pray for: illnesses, concerns, Austrian governmental leaders, or for persecuted Christians around the world. Every second Wednesday at 7pm in the Mennonite Free Church.

An open space for parents and their children aged 0-5. While the kids play, the parents can chat. All are welcome to the light breakfast buffet with the option to give a donation.

It takes place twice a month in the Mennonite Free Church. No need to register. Contact: or Tel. 0677 6257 8148.

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Indoor games and fun, group outdoor activities and messages with depth. Every second Saturday from 2:30-6pm. For kids aged 8-13.

Have fun together, spend time with one another and get to know Jesus better! Every Saturday evening beginning at 7 pm. For youth age 14 on up.

Have breakfast together while chatting comfortably with other women and mothers. Takes place several times per year.

Singing, praying and reading the Bible together. Concludes with a good cup of coffee and delicious cake. Every 14 days on Wednesdays at 2pm.

“What’s so great is that we can laugh and celebrate with one another, but also when the troubles press in on someone, everyone is there for each other. Like in a big family.” Judith, 25 Jahre